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Exotic Green

Exotic Green Indoor Air Purifying & Oxygen Sansevieria (Snake Plant) with Dual Colour Ceramic Pots

Exotic Green Indoor Air Purifying & Oxygen Sansevieria (Snake Plant) with Dual Colour Ceramic Pots

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Sansevieria, or the Mother-in-Law's Tongue/Snake Plants it's usually known is a genuinely astounding and striking simple consideration house plant. It has a place with the family Asparagaceae, local to the jungles of West Africa. It's an always progressively famous indoor plant and a lot of this has to do with its close to indestructible characteristics. NASA records the Sansiviera Plant as an amazing clean air plant. This plant is truly outstanding for sifting through formaldehyde, which is basic in cleaning items, bathroom tissue, tissues and individual consideration items. It filters the air making our spaces seriously welcoming, cleaner and assisting us with relaxing. It's striking and mess free lines make it mainstream and one of the plants of decision for engineering and inside plan, particularly considering its standing as an improve of indoor air quality.

Sansevieria Plant Care Tips :

Light : Sansevieria plants are very hardy options that are easy to care for. While they can withstand full sun and handle low light, indirect sunlight is ideal for a sansevieria plant.

Water : Sansevieria plant can easily rot so make sure the soil is well-drained and don’t water it too much (especially in winter). Allow the soil to dry in between waterings.

Fertilizer : Sansevieria plant care doesn’t require a lot of fertilizer. You can feed the plant once or twice a year with a houseplant fertilizer.

Oxygen & Air Purifying Plants, Clean Harmful Gases.

Pot Size : Height : 3.6", Width : 4.1" (Inchs)

Plant Height : Above 5" (with pot base)

Pot Material : Ceramic

Pot Shape : Square

Pot Color : White & Blue

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