Exotic Green Feng Shui Indoor Plant Money Tree
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Exotic Green Feng Shui Indoor Plant Money Tree

Exotic Green Feng Shui Indoor Plant Money Tree

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Native to Central and South America, Money Trees are an excellent plant for both indoor and outdoor growth. This plant can range from a few inches in height to over seven feet tall. Money Trees are usually given as a gift; they are reputed to bring good luck and prosperity. Generally, the more leaves the Money Tree has, the better! While it is common to find money trees with five to six leaves on each stem, it is quite rare to find one with seven leaves. Like a four-leaf clover, a Money Tree with a seven-leaf stem is considered to bring incredibly good fortune to its owner.

Money Trees are also very popular plants with Feng shui practitioners who believe that the braided bonsai creates positive energy for any room that it placed in. According to this belief, you will want to place your money tree in the "financial" part of your home or office. Each new leaf of the tree will then bring added financial blessing and success.

The green leaves of the Money Tree grow in tufts of five in a pattern often compared with the human hand. These five leaves are said to symbolize the five elements of balance in creation: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

Care and Planting

To avoid root rot, a money tree needs a sandy, peat-moss-based soil and a pot with good drainage. Although it likes humidity in general, you should let its soil dry out between watering. Water thoroughly, until water flows out the drainage holes of the pot, and pour out the excess from the tray so that the roots don't sit in water.

During the growing season, fertilize once a month with a liquid plant food at half strength, but skip fertilizer in the winter.

Money Tree prefer bright, indirect light. But they will adapt to lower light conditions, especially during the winter. They will actually suffer if they get too much sun. Too much direct sunlight can burn their leaves, so keep it out of that sunny window.

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